Tradition meets innovation as Macade imagines a 4-day apparel script for golf’s most coveted invitation.

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To receive an invitation to Augusta National is an honor a small percentage of golfers can say they have earned. Years of endless training and rigorous competition is the cost of entry to start at Tea Olive.

The Masters Script is a 4-outfit collection complete with new tops, bottoms and layers - one look for each day of competition. Available Monday 8 April 9am EST.

The greenkeepers have done their due diligence, the players have fine-tuned their equipment. One of the last major decisions to be made is the outfit. In a game where mental fortitude can mean the difference between victory and defeat, confidence is a secret weapon.

White Stripe Stage Polo Shirt

Amidst the Georgian humidity and monumental pressure of the tournament's gravity, the outfits' qualities may impact the golfer's ability to play their best. The script introduces a new fabric to the Macade repertoire leading the industry in moisture-wicking performance and unlimited stretch.

Augusta National, with its pristine greens and azalea-drenched landscapes, became the hallowed ground where golf's elite congregated, battling not only each other but also the enigmatic challenges of Amen Corner and the tempting placements of Golden Bell.

Amidst the hushed whispers of the magnolia-scented Georgia air, one can imagine the footsteps of legends past and present. The Masters, an annual rite of Spring, isn't just about record-breaking drives across meticulously manicured fairways; it's a pilgrimage to the heart and soul of golfing lore. Yet, The Masters is more than just a tournament—it's a theater of triumph, where the green jacket isn't merely a garment but a symbol of immortality. A stage, framed by galleries of quiet murmurs, where every putt etches itself into the annals of sporting history.