Golf bags come out of storage, equipment is tuned, and swings are practiced endlessly in the living room. Spring marks the much-anticipated kickoff of the golf season, punctuating the end of winter training and sets the stage for competitive play. As temperatures rise, the opportunity presents itself to showcase your honed skills on meticulously groomed courses.

The Spring '24 Collection is an ode to the arrival of the new season; A renewed focus and dedication to your training, as you eagerly put your off-season efforts to the test.

Scandinavian design for world-class athletes. The Macade DNA is present throughout the collection as each piece is engineered for performance and versatility.

Designed for tour professionals. The collection brings new designs for competitive golfers playing in various regions worldwide. The range spans various tops, bottoms, and layering options for any kind of weather and style of play.

New In

Lou Trouser

A heavier material than our lightweight trousers without sacrificing all the performance characteristics. Generous stretch made in a breathable fabric that allows you to read the greens without constraint.


New In

Taylor Signature Shirt

A lightweight open collar polo with stretch and breathability. Designed for golfers in warmer climates looking to stay cool and dry during a full 18. The fabric's subtle texture and buttonless collar makes the piece a modern adaptation of a golf classic.

New Variants of Timeless Favorites

The Spring Collection brings new refinements to timeless favorites amongst the Macade Golf community. Discover new colors, lengths and cuts of your favorite looks.

  • Heath Bomber Shirt

  • Therma Vest

  • Four-Way Stretch Shorts

  • Ella Knit Longsleeve

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The Spring season is a refresh. It's an opportunity to achieve career heights and chase new scorecard lows.

Make the most of it.