Our Story

Hi, we're golfers too.

We’re on a mission to push the boundaries of traditional golf apparel.

It’s about the silence of those crisp early mornings, the buzz when teeing off and the stories swapped at the 19th hole. The frustration and elation, the missed shots, the lost balls, and that moment of perfect contact. All for the love of golf.

Macade is a golf apparel concept founded by a group of avid golfers and dedicated sportswear designers. W
e make clothes for a new generation of golfer. One who wants the same precision engineering and design in their clothes as they expect in their golf clubs.

Off to a humble start
We started in 2019 by offering a small collection of sleek, well-fitted and thoroughly tested gear to our friends and families. Now, after delivering awesome gear to more than 50.000 golfers across the globe, our mission has grown…

We’re as obsessed with quality as we are with golf

Sleek, well-fitted, and thoroughly tested for optimum performance, we source the most technical materials and craft the most innovative designs.

We’re bringing joy to a tired industry - Delivered directly to you.
We want the world to love sleep as much as we do. From designing lovable products like our Nap Pillow and Glow light, to taking comfort to the sky with American Airlines, we’re creating ways to turn yawns into smiles — one well-rested person at a time.